7 Tips to Prevent and Treat Dry Skin

Winter winds is a major factor for dry skin. Dry skin seems to increase in the windy, cold months of the year. If you are using products on your skin that don’t protect its layer of natural oils, or are not cleansing and exfoliating often enough, your skin will show it. Dry, flaky, itchy skin can be prevented and you can also help it heal with a few steps:

1. Use warm water, not hot, to wash / bathe in – hot water opens the pores, promoting loss of natural moisture.

2. Drink more fluids – I would add Clear Fluids, as in mostly water.

3. Exfoliate twice a week – a good face and body scrub are great to begin with. This loosens up old, dry skin allowing for better absorption of your moisturizer. Use a scrub on your lips, even!

4. Humidify your dry rooms, especially where you sleep – helps your skin lose less moisture through the night.

5. Use heaters/radiators sparingly – enough to stay warm, but you might want to consider using a heated humidifier to keep you warm at night.

6. Use Cleansers that are close to the same pH as your skin – this will help protect your skin’s natural barrier function.

7. Apply your Moisturizer while your skin is still damp from your shower or right after washing your hands – this helps to lock in additional moisture.

I keep my moisturizer in my desk at work, where it is handy for after each time I use the washroom. I hope these tips help you!



About Candace

Candace Dye is an Apriori Beauty Consultant and Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. Her passion is helping others to uncover and enhance their true inner radiance with tips for health, wellness, skin care and beauty!


  1. Carol Avery says:

    Great tips Candy! It certainly is dry here in Colorado. Thanks!

    • Candace says:

      With all your cold mountain winds and snow your skin always looks so young and beautiful!

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