4 Tips for Dealing with Milia

miliaAs we age, our skin cells turn over slower, setting up a well moisturized skin to accumulate the old cells within the pores. When they do this, it can form a little white bump trapped within the top layer of skin, call milia. Milia usually develops around the eyes and tops of cheeks.

Milia are very common, benign, keratin-filled cysts. Primary milia are typically seen in infants but also may occur in children and adults. Secondary milia develop after trauma to the skin, such as after burns (eg, sunburns), dermabrasion, or in blistering disorders.” emedicine

So how do you get rid of milia and prevent more from developing?

  • See Your Dermatologist – it only takes a quick minute for him/her to diagnose, lance and remove the plug. Don’t try to do this yourself, and many states have laws prohibiting estheticians from doing this procedure. Be safe, see a Dermatologist.
  • Exfoliate regularly – using a Sugar Beet Crystal / Papaya Enzyme Scrub 3 – 4 times a week, or a Glycolic / Lactic / Salicylic Acid Peel 2 times a week, will assist in moving the old skin cells along, preventing them from accumulating in the first place.
  • Use a deep pore and surface cleanser 2 time a day – morning and night Every Day.
  • Go easy on the moisturizers – ones with natural oils should be absorbed easily, use a small amount, distribute evenly over your face and take a moment to massage it into your skin.

There you go!

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