A Great Tip to Increase Your Confidence

Are you like me, getting nervous before a meeting?  Not quick on your feet in responding if something unexpected comes up?  Feel awkward or “out of the moment”?

Here’s a quick and easy thing to do that will help you overcome your jitters, allow you to be poised, self-confident and “in the moment’….


So easy, no one will even know that you are doing it!  It’s a method of projecting your thoughts on how you are going to perform in an upcoming situation.  Kind of like a practice or dress rehearsal – only it all happens in your head.   Note to self- you will need to prepare your material for the meeting, visualization only helps with your performance!

Here’s an example of how I have used visualization – After being retired for many years, I was asked to interview for a teaching position.  Before the big interview day, I spent time picturing a successful interview with a positive outcome, in my mind.

The first step is to find somewhere to sit and relax, preferably in a quiet spot without any distractions. You can even do it as you are going to sleep.  Clear your head of the thoughts and worries of the day (not always easy).

As I started to focus, I saw myself wearing a comfortable business outfit.  Being comfortable in my clothes is very important to me.  Next, I saw myself walking into the room confidently, sitting in the “hot seat” with a pleasant smile on my face, even though I had many butterflies in my tummy!  I began to see the interviewers (it was a panel interview with five or six nursing educators asking me questions, and I saw myself taking my time giving thoughtful answers.

As I came to the end of my pretend interview, I saw the interviewers all smiling, nodding in affirmation and giving compliments of how they enjoyed meeting me.  I saw myself leaving  the interview, having demonstrated to them that I was confident in what I knew and assured them that I could get up to speed where I was lacking, without a problem.  I visualized the offer of the job and my acceptance.

In addition to visualization, if it is a particularly difficult situation I am facing, I have been known to reward myself before the event, just for being courageous enough to go through with it.  Long ago, I interviewed for a position knowing there was someone more qualified for it than I was, yet wanted to learn from the experience.  I rewarded myself with a Dr. Pepper Ice Cream Float before the interview.  When I arrived, I had something very yummy in my tummy and nothing in the world could take that happy feeling away!  I was happy, confident and even made a few jokes, and was called a few days later to be offered an even better opportunity within the same organization.  You just never know!

This is a great technique to use for athletes before practices and games.  It helps to focus directly on what you want to accomplish, and with practice, can help you visualize control, power, accuracy and success in all the situations that may be encountered in a race or athletic competition.  The Tour de France riders drive the path they will ride the day before to familiarize themselves with the twists, turns, ups and downs. When my son was in youth baseball, we watched a video of the MLB All Star Home Run Derby one day, and that was the day he hit a grand slam!

I hope you will try some visualization in your everyday life, and find yourself more confident and in control in situations you have previously dreaded!  It even works when you are planning personal or business goals – just picture what you are working toward all happening like a movie in your mind – with a very happy ending!

It would be a delight to hear about your success with visualization.

Thanks for stopping by, and Making My Life Beautiful!

XO Candy

About Candace

Candy Dye is a Nurse Practitioner and teacher that loves everything about health, wellness, looking beautiful, and being with people who enjoy life and love to have fun!


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