Tips for Easy Skin Care While Traveling!

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Flying in airplanes, different climates, air conditioners, heaters, varying time zones all take a toll on your skin while you travel. How do you keep your skin healthy, feeling and looking fresh throughout your time away from home?

Let’s look first at the most common factors that cause your skin to lose its luster:

  • Normal Sleep Patterns Disrupted
  • Inadequate Hydration
  • Environmental Elements such as Soot, Exhaust, Dust, and Allergens
  • Minimal Time to Spend on a Skin Care Routine
  • Inability to Pack Regular Sized Containers of  Skin Care Products

What to do??

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Sleep is so important in skin rejuvenation,  you should take every chance you can get to  catch a wink of sleep here and there if you’re moving around a lot. If you’re touring places you’ve always dreamed about – you can sleep when you arrive home! Try to take a cat nap whenever you can. If you’re traveling for business, do your best to have a comfortable sleep environment, and allow yourself as much time as possible to rest at night. You can read more here -> “What can Sleep Do for Your Skin”.


Sip water, and then sip some more, and more! While you fly, sip a cup for every hour of flight time. You can also increase your intake of fruits and vegetables that carry more water such as watermelon, cantalope, zucchini, and tomatoes.  Alcohol and caffeine tend to dehydrate you, so have fun while keeping consumption to a minimum.

Environmental Dirt and Dust

You can’t help exposure to dirt and dust, but you CAN use an exfoliating Sugar Scrub or Acid Peel every couple of days to remove the dead, dirty skin cells along. A good deep pore/surface cleanser is a must!


Figure out what you can do while you are moving around, make it easy on yourself by doing a few steps in your morning and evening shower/bath, to save time. Minimum – Deep Pore / Surface Skin Cleanser, Nutrient Serum, and Moisturizer with UVA/UVB Sunscreen ~25 for the Day and Deep Moisturizers for Night time. Nothing wrong with using your facial cleanser for your body during travel, and bring your Hydrating Body Lotion along.

Travel Sized Products

If your skin care line has travel sized products, that’s the best! You can purchase samples of skin care products to take along, too.  When I was shopping for a new concealer, the sales person offered me a sample of a line I was interested. The sample lasted me over a month!


I am delighted to offer you Apriori Beauty’s Celloxylin Skin Care, meeting airline specifications:


3 - Day Sample 3 – Day Sample

Turn Back Time Capsule -1 Strip of Celloxylin Skin Care, 1 day Lifeoxylin Elixir

6- Day Sample Box

6- Day Sample Box

2 Strips of Celloxylin Skin Care, 6 days Lifeoxylin Elixir

30-Day Celloxylin Cellular Age Advantage Set

30 – Day Travel Size Celloxylin Skin Care Set

Now you can enjoy beautiful, healthy skin while you travel, and toss out the sample containers when you’re done with them! If you choose the 30 day set, place the airline ready containers in a see through zip lock baggie for ease in going through security.

You may place your 30 Day Celloxlyin Skin Care Set purchase by becoming my Apriori Beauty ClientClick HERE, then going to “Shop Now.”

Contact me to place your 3 and 6 day Apriori Beauty Travel Skin Care Set Order at

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