Hold It In, Smooth It Over and Lift It Up!

Your skin is your body’s natural “girdle”, keeping your internal “everything” held in and together, protected and flexibly able to move. Just look at a young child or teenager and you see no wrinkles, sagging or flapping in the wind.

The years go by. The clock ticks away and the internal components that give our skin its elasticity and “spring back into place” flexibility wane. We see the signs when we look in the mirror – which we do less of as we get older. Ahem.

You know my love for the Classic Hollywood Musicals, and this topic brings to mind “Two Week With Love“. Have you seen it? Jane Powell stars as an ‘almost’ eighteen year old, on vacation with her family at a resort where she encounters many young people just a wee bit older than she, and a handsome “older gentleman” who she’s smitten with. The problem: She’s the only one who still is not wearing a corset, and EVERYONE knows it! Her mother stays strong in not allowing it, and her father intervenes – with something only a man would select – an orthopedic corset that locks up when you bend! I’ll let you enjoy it for yourself – it is one of my all time favorites.

I share the story because it always made me want to wear a pretty corset like the one she did her “Corset Song” in, and look as smooth and “lifted” as she. The difference in how her dresses looked pre- and post- corset were remarkable and certainly presented her figure in a much more flattering image.

That’s why I encourage you to have a “foundations” professional fit you for some new undergarments. You will be very pleased in how your shape is presented at its most favorable, and you will feel confident in your figure. As we age, we can benefit from a little lifting up of our areas that begin to sag, and some support for the areas that “goosh” out over undergarments that don’t fit properly. Who care’s what your new size is, as long as it is fitted correctly and your shape is presented at its best.

I also need some smoothing and holding in of the areas between my shoulders and knees, and am not keen on having to do so surgically. You will be thankful for all the wonderful smoothing and “holding it in” foundations available that act like a younger skin to give you a firmer look and help your clothes to fit much better.

Just remember that just because YOU don’t see your jiggle, doesn’t mean it’s not there, and everyone else can’t see it. That alone should motivate you to visit your local foundations department as soon as possible so you can be you most fabulous every day!

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Candy Dye is a Nurse Practitioner and teacher that loves everything about health, wellness, looking beautiful, and being with people who enjoy life and love to have fun!

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