Nut Shell, Salt or Beet Sugar Scrub?

Face and body scrubs are becoming more and more popular, with unique ingredients such as  essential oils, botanicals, and a variety of “grit” to mechanically scrub away dead skin cells. Commonly used abrasive ingredients include things like ground nut shells and coarse sea salt. When you consider these ingredients up close, they have sharp edges that can cause small cuts, damaging skin at the microscopic level.

I’m loving this Face and Body Scrub –
Celloxylin Enzyme Activated Micro Scrub, which is a highly effective mechanical exfoliant, designed to massage away dead skin cells and encourage healthy skin cell turnover. The primary exfoliating ingredient in the Enzyme Activated Micro Scrub is beet sugar.

Why do you need a scrub? When you have dry, dead skin cells sitting on top of your skin, it blocks the ability of your moisturizer to soak in and do it’s job effectively. I see a lot of high school and college students with very dry hands and knuckles. A little gentle Sugar Beet Crystal Scrub, followed by a nutrient-rich body lotion two to three times a day calms the inflammation, soothes the pain of dry, cracking skin, and brings back healthy hydrated skin.

In the Celloxylin Micro Scrub, beet sugar was chosen due to its ability to massage away dead skin cells without causing irritation to the healthy skin below. The beet sugar crystals used are finely ground and dissolve relatively quickly. This property allows the beet sugar to effectively exfoliate while protecting skin from damage or irritation.

In addition to its ability to encourage healthy skin cell turnover, beet sugar has important humectant benefits. In skin care formulations humectants are ingredients that bind water to help improve skin hydration levels. These ingredients are particularly important because hydration is essential for healthy skin structure, function, and appearance. As the beet sugar dissolves during application, it helps keep skin healthy and hydrated by making sure it can absorb water and hold onto it for longer.

The result of the exfoliating and hydrating actions of beet sugar is that skin is visibly more radiant and supple after use. After removing dead skin cells from the surface and infusing skin with moisture retaining humectants, your skin is also more able to absorb the anti-aging benefits of subsequent products in the Celloxylin regimen.

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