Tips For Being Fabulous at Work!

If you are job hunting, and getting ready for interviews, you will have read and memorized my “Tips for Success in Your Job Interview” and are practicing your presentation.  There’s more!

What is it that your potential new employer is looking for in their Fabulous New Employee??

” Employers are searching for positive, enthusiastic people who show up for work on time, who are dressed and prepared properly, who go out of their way to add value and do more than what’s required of them, who are honest, who will play by the rules, and who will give cheerful, friendly service regardless of the situation.”

Read more here:  “Reviving Work Ethic in America,” from Forbes Magazine.

Do you practice each of these values every day? They’re not something you can pretend to have. They are characteristics that are part of your life, coming from the very core of your being. They are the work ethic you should be striving for every day of your life if you want to be a success, and leave a legacy of a fabulous human being!

Here’s a testimonial of a young lady who was ready when opportunity knocked:

“Upon arriving for my internship interview 10 minutes early, I walked in, introduced myself to all three women, making eye contact and shaking each one’s hand. As I apologized for being early, the interviewer said sternly ‘I like early. Early is much better than being late’. Brownie points! CA-ching! Although I was nervous during the interview, at the end all three women complimented me on my wardrobe choices: black dress slacks with a sash belt, navy tee, black blazer, heels (not stripper heels), and a simple necklace and bangle. (More brownie points!!) They all chimed in when one mentioned that young people come to interviews in jeans, and appearing unprofessional. During and at the end, I maintained eye contact with each individual that I was speaking with, and once again, extended my hand to thank them. Thank them….that they offered me the position!!! Booyahhh! I had hidden my phone, on silent, in the depths of my purse, and waited until I drove off to call my family, SAFELY. Then, once I got home, I sent a grateful and exuberant ‘thank you’ email to my new employer. I cannot wait to start!”

She’s truly one Fabulous Intern Now!  Congratulations!

Thanks for stopping by, and best wishes for success!

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Candy Dye is a Nurse Practitioner and teacher that loves everything about health, wellness, looking beautiful, and being with people who enjoy life and love to have fun!

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