Skin Perfecting Veil: Sheer Mineral Coverage Without Foundation

Scientists are now beginning to understand the reasons that young skin has a distinct “glow from within” character that fades with age. Skin is a complex organ consisting of multiple layers and pigments that affect the way light is absorbed, reflected and scattered.

Ultimately, the amount and color of light reflected by skin determines how skin looks to the human eye. Skin that is uneven in tone and texture reflects light irregularly, creating areas of contrast that draw attention to fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven pigmentation.

Age Related Changes in Skin Structure

Skin Pigments ~ In young skin, the light absorbing pigment, melanin, is diffuse and evenly distributed with age. Environmental damage causes melanin to build up and become unevenly distributed, resulting in age spots and areas of hyperpigmentation.

Dryness and Cell Turnover
Changes in the structure of skin with age make it less able to hold in moisture, causing skin to appear less supple. These changes also contribute to slower skin cell turnover, causing dead cells to build up on the skin’s surface.  These dead cells cause a dull appearance and add uneven texture to skin, creating areas of contrast and shadows that draw attention to imperfections.

With age, Collagen begins to break down and synthesis declines.  Because Collagen reflects light, the amount of light reflected by skin declines as well. In addition, the reaction that breaks down Collagen releases compounds that are yellowish in color. These molecules add to the yellow, pallid complexion of aged skin.

Light Fluorescence
Light is transmitted into the skin where it is absorbed, refracted, or reflected. Aging skin shows a significant decline in its ability to fluoresce blue and green light, and loses the soft focus glow that youthful skin posses. The result is an aged unhealthy appearance.

If you are using foundation to create a smooth canvas for your skin, you might want to take a look at the innovative “Non-foundation”…. Pure Perfecting Veil. A sheer liquid that will even out skin tone, and can be layered to create the desired coverage just right for your skin. This pure gently formula evens out skin tone to perfect, rather than cover your naturally beautiful skin.

Natural Minerals and advanced pigment technologies leave skin bright and luminous.  Light and smooth, sheer coverage leaves skin hydrated and looking radiant from the unique ingredients in the Nutrient Reservoir that also nourish and protect the skin.

Three easy-to-wear shades flatter all skin tones.  One layer provides sheer, natural coverage. Apply additional layers or mix and match shades to achieve your desired level of perfection.

Light ~ For neutral undertones, and fair to light skin tones.

Medium ~ Beige with neutral undertones, for light to medium skin tones.

Dark ~ Tan with neutral and warm undertones for olive and dark skin tones.

I’ve never worn foundation in my life – always been a “pressed powder evened out with a sponge” gal. With aging, I have a few discolorations, and broken capillaries visible. Once I smoothed on the Veil, I noticed my skin evened out completely, to much smoother and more vibrant now! I don’t even notice I have anything on, no oily shine or heavy feeling. I really love this new product!

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