Timeless, Effortless Beauty

I’ve always loved beautiful fashion – especially on everyone else. At nineteen, upon landing in Paris, I was totally enamored by the Parisian’s natural style, ease and flow of their fashionable clothing and elegance of aging beauties. Le sigh!

Yet, I am not gifted in putting together ensembles that show my appreciation for the designers I so love. It is a struggle for me focus and create cohesive outfits that show my love for fashion.

When I was busy building my career, I had a Personal Stylist who knew exactly what colors were perfect for me, and styles that accentuated my body type. I LOVED giving her a call with a request for help in dressing me for events, then being met with several racks of outfits she selected of which ALL looked fabulous! I miss her!

Then my mom years arrived, and I hung up my dresses, suits and heels. Casual comfort was the theme for each day, with babies messy eating and running after toddlers the driving force for clothing choices – and how well everything could wash!

My children are almost adults now, I went back to teach, and start my own skin care business. Who are the designers of today? What is the style everyone is wearing? How do I dress after a 20 year break from the fashion world?

Slowly I’m piecing together a stylish new me, one outfit at a time, and I have the blessing of a budding Personal Stylist in my own home. She has the gift of an eye for colors, shapes, styles, and creating beautiful looks for me (and starting her career as movie wardrobe stylist). The fashion gods have smiled on me again!!

I’m about to attend my first event that I need to wear a gown! Yes, a formal, full length gown! What fun! But, just a minute – gravity has changed my shape and the public should be protected from seeing my arms. Really.

Enter one of my most favorite designers who has totally saved my day. After many years, his style and taste is so elegant and classic – Timeless, Effortless Beauty! I cannot wait to wear my gown at the gala, and would like to share with you today his designs for Spring 2012. Absolutely gorgeous, elegant and classic.

Click Here -> to see the Ralph Lauren 2012 Spring Collection

“For Spring 2012, I was  inspired by a romantic kind of nonchalance – an effortless glamour that is always timeless”,  Ralph Lauren

How do you like my gown? I’m so excited to wear it!!

Thank you, Ralph Lauren!! I will look Fabulous!

About Candace

Candy Dye is a Nurse Practitioner and teacher that loves everything about health, wellness, looking beautiful, and being with people who enjoy life and love to have fun!

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