What Do You Do If You’ve Over Exfoliated?

As you age, your rate of dead skin cell turnover slows down and your skin thins. Exfoliation is a must, to keep those dead skin cells moving, providing better absorption of your moisturizers and nutrient serums. At the same time you are walking a fine line of balancing the right amount of exfoliation while protecting your skin’s protective barrier covering.

Mechanical exfoliation is achieved through substances such as walnut shell, sea salts or other forms of “grit” that will massage or rub the dead skin cells off. Chemical exfoliation is accomplished through an acid or a combination of acids that reduce the skin’s pH enough to remove the “glue” that holds the dead skin cell to the skin’s surface.

Overuse of either or both, together with fragile skin, or a sensitive skin condition such as eczema or rosacea, can set your skin up for signs of irritation and inflammation as well as redness, itching, swelling, scabbing, infection and scarring.

What is the right amount of exfoliation and the right type for your skin? I advise you start with a Mild 20% Acid Peel with a combination of acids. If you want something stronger, I highly recommend you see a professional skin care practitioner such as a dermatologist or licensed esthetician, who can assess the type of skin you have, and recommend the appropriate scrub or peel for you, as well as the frequency of treatments.

If you have over exfoliated and have any or a combination of the signs listed above, here are my recommendations:

Natural Oil Cleanser twice a day – do not use a washcloth or rub the skin.

Activing Tonic with Witch Hazel – will calm and soothe the inflamed skin.

Nutrient Rich Serum – brings nutrients to support healing and reestablishment of the protective skin barrier.

Humectant Rich Moisturizer – restores moisture to your skin while it heals.

Make sure there are no acids in any of the above products you use while you are supporting skin healing and restoration, and look for your skin to return to it’s normal vibrancy!

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