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Do men care about their looks more than their skin? Do they think they look young and virile, completely missing the wrinkles around their eyes and mouth from years of sports, sun damage and fun-filled nights?

Man doing bodybuilding at gym by NPE Demo SiteThat’s what I came away with after spending a full day in a gym, talking to quite a few men, most of who were in their late forties to early fifties. What was the most astonishing to me, was that they did not think they had any fine lines or wrinkles at all, and what’s more, definitely didn’t want to try anything to combat the signs of aging showing all over their manly faces.

They were very worried about puffiness under eyes, and feeling their facial skin was developing areas of dryness that nothing seemed to help. It was  clear to me that they are extremely concerned about their appearance, and maintaining their youthful physique by keeping their muscles buffed.  Their skin was only important if there was a skin issue that was bothersome or it was pointed out to them that they were beginning to show signs of aging. One even said to me “I don’t have any wrinkles” while looking me in the eye – he had a zillion around his eyes and lips and was definitely not a sunscreen user!

Here are my tips for all the Manly Men out there to help your skin keep its youthful appearance as long as possible!

Because internal health shows on the outside, you need to address the 4 factors that influence aging – the energy in your cells slows down, your hormones fluctuate, oxidative stress increases, and  your longevity gene’s clock is ticking.

“Usually male skin has a thicker epidermis and a thicker dermis,” …”The thicker skin and the heavier oil glands make it a much harder target to penetrate, so the products are different — which usually means more highly concentrated.”

If a man is going to delve into anti aging skin care, he’s going to want it quick in 2 easy steps.  “They want their pores to look smaller, they want to make their skin less oily and less sun-damaged, and they want to reduce fine lines and crow’s-feet around their eyes. … The majority of men don’t want surgery and they don’t want injectable fillers or Botox.”

Here’s what I recommend for the “Manly Man” who is just getting started:


Dietary Supplements – The health and vibrancy of your skin begins from the inside. Daily supplementation of your already healthy diet should consist of cellular energizers, antioxidants, endocrine modulators and longevity gene support.


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Natural Oil Cleanser – must be easily applied, cleanses deep within pores as well as surface, and maintains the skin’s natural pH.  The skin is cleansed, natural oils are intact and immune properties of the skin protected.  Use morning and night when your shower. Use after you’ve washed and rinsed your hair, so no traces of shampoo are left on your skin.

Soothing Day Cream and  Penetrating Night Moisturizer – One for the daytime, preferably with Sun Protection, and one with higher level of nutrients and moisture for the night when you’re not drinking water, and your body is rejuvenating your cells.

Already your skin should be looking fresher and brighter with just 2 steps!

“For a growing group of guys, taking proper care of your skin isn’t any different than brushing your teeth.”  says Dr. Harold Lancer, a Beverly Hills Dermatologist in an interview in the LA Times.

If you would like a little help for those “around the eyes and lips” laugh line wrinkles, you can always add a little dab of a great Eye + Lip Age Eraser with innovative ingredients to smooth out those wrinkles! I had the opportunity to apply it on the left eye and left lip area of a 50+ gentleman before his workout – I think he was pretty impressed at the difference in just a short time!

Two to three times a week you should help move your old, dead skin along with an Exfoliant like a Scrub or a Peel. Read more in “Why Should You Exfoliate?”.

Getting Plenty of Sleep helps your body rejuvenate the youthful factors of your skins collagen and elastin, too. Read more in “What does Sleep Do For Your Skin?”

One last note….My Manly Man uses a 5 – step regimen, Scrub twice a week and a Peel once a week (while he’s cleaning the shower)! Here’s what he says:

“I use the peel once a week and have noticed that my pimples/blackheads have reduced in number. Before I shave I use the Cleanser and Sugar Scrub to prepare my face. Immediately, I follow up with the Toner and Firming Complex as an aftershave solution. This process seems to allow me the best shave possible and reduce the skin irritation afterwards.”

The workplace is so competitive these days, he’s not taking any chances!

The best part – his Skin Care Bottles are BLUE!!! There you go guys – can’t get more manly than BLUE!

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For specific product’s I recommend for men, click on the highlighted phrases in this post!

To read the complete LA TIMES Article, written by Adam Tschorn,  click here.

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