HOW to Sleep to Prevent Wrinkles!

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No doubt about it, a great night of sleep – and enough of it – is fabulous for wrinkle prevention! In my post “What does Sleep do For Your Skin” is shared that deep sleep helps your body produce more of its own collagen and elastin. What’s the best way to sleep to give yourself the greatest chance of a good night of deep slumber?

When you consider that wrinkles develop from a combination of loss of skin elasticity and repetitive movements, the light bulb goes on! Deep sleep helps with skin elasticity from the inside, and while getting that deep sleep, you lie in bed night after night in a favorite position.

Dr. Dee Anna Glaser, of St. Louis University, recommends sleeping on your back as the best position to prevent wrinkles. While lying on your back, there is less pulling or pushing on the facial skin, allowing it to relax and lie flat.

When you lie on your sides or your stomach, the skin of your face is pushed and compressed for a period of time, every night, night after night. It may be comfortable for you, but you’re not doing your face any favors!

I usually fall asleep on my side, and awaken to find myself on my back, so I’m halfway there. One thought I always have, though……won’t your bottom get bigger sleeping on your back? That’s for the scientists to study!

It may be hard to change old habits, but as we age, reducing wrinkles becomes more important, so you might want to give your back a chance. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks, you know! Especially if it helps the old dog look younger!

Here’s to a great night of sleep, lots of collagen and elastin production and less wrinkles!

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  1. Yay, I already sleep on my back most of the time. Good to know it helps with wrinkles!

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