Turn a Bad Hair Day Into a Fabulous Hair Day!

Unbelievable! Worst Bad Hair Day EVER today!!!! No way was I going to let it ruin my whole day – too many places to go, people to see, things to do, stores to shop!!

Messy Hair by beeepHere’s how it happened…yesterday my twitter friend, Cassie, and I were laughing about how having a bad hair day really does ruin the whole day!! Later in the day, Sheri and I were saying how we would love to be able to flick our hair, and have it silky smooth again – except we each have a cowlick in our bangs.  I told her about mine that resembles a “rosette” on the forehead of a guinea pig, to which she replied about the sexy comparison.

Power of suggestion or the fact that I got my schedule mixed up and woke everyone up an hour too early this morning…my hair, cowlick to be exact, turned out looking like the top of my head was hit by a meteor!!! NOTHING I did – no gel, hairspray, straightening iron – nothing made it look even decent. I refused to put on my makeup – this was sooooooo bad, it was an absolute DO-OVER!!

Here’s what I did:  After I did school drop off (GASP – with NO Makeup On!!) – I took another shower and rewashed my hair. Then I said to myself, and my hair: we have a control issue here, and I really, really, really need to win!

So I took out my hair clipping scissors, and did a mini trim all over the top – especially around the cowlick. (I’ll show it who is boss!).  Then I lightly gelled, and fluffed while I did my makeup followed by a blow dry and style.

VOILA!!! It came out Fabulously!!! NOW my day is back in control and moving in a positive direction – because, you know, if you feel good, you look good and when you look good you are FABULOUS!!

Gorgeous by lhcap

(Note to those with cowlicks in their bangs – while parting your hair the opposite way sounds like a great idea, be prepared for a knock down, drag out with that cowlick!! I’d save this one for when you have a few days without being seen in public and maybe a “hair whisperer” is in order?)

Next time you have a bad hair day – just say – this is just bad hair, and it’s not going to ruin my whole day! Do a quick do over and you’ll be ready to show the world your most fabulous you!!

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