Get a Tan from Eating Fruits and Veggies?

Scientists have just discovered another reason to eat six servings of fruits and vegetables a day – it gives you a tan. Yes, you read that right – to think of all those years we toasted in the sun covered in baby oil, and we could have had that bronze glow by eating salad all day, without the risk of skin cancer or leathery, wrinkly skin!

I remember my pediatrician’s advice to feed my little ones a variety of vegetables when they ate baby food. He could always tell a baby that loved his carrots and butternut squash by the orange glow of this skin!

Sun tanning while reading? by Addixon777Scientists from the School of Psychology, University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus, published their findings in the Journal Evolution and Human Behavior. The study, led by researcher Dr. Ian Stephen, found that primarily carrots and tomatoes had the tanning effects on the skin.

“Dr Stephen and his team in the Perception Lab found that people who eat more portions of fruit and vegetables per day have a more golden skin colour, thanks to substances called carotenoids. Carotenoids are antioxidants that help soak up damaging compounds produced by the stresses and strains of everyday living, especially when the body is combating disease. Responsible for the red colouring in fruit and vegetables such as carrots and tomatoes, carotenoids are important for our immune and reproductive systems.” Science Daily, January 2011

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The fruit and vegetable tan research also found that the coloring of the skin resulting from eating fruits and vegetables was preferred over that of sun tanned skin.  To think that the uncool, veggie eaters had a nicer tan all along, and now don’t have to worry about skin cancer!

So eat your fruits and veggies, to get that healthy glow!

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  1. This is very cool news! You are such a wealth of resources! Off to go make my carrot juice 😉

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