Do You Need a Beauty Routine?

Do you have a Beauty Regimen?

I mean the kind of  beauty routine that you do every single day of the week, including daily skin cleansing and nourishment, with  certain days set aside for some serious exfoliation and the use of a beauty gadget at home?

I do.

Otherwise I feel  like….

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I’m passionate about looking fabulous throughout my life. It doesn’t take much time at all, and the secret is in being consistent if you want to get the kind of results you want!

Here’s what I do:

7 Days a Week (Morning and Evening Daily Regimen)

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~ Treat Your Face to the Celloxylin 5-Step Cellular Age Advantage Skin Care System. (Here’s my 2 minute tip: I do the first three steps in the shower, and the last two after I step out which takes a total of 2 minutes!)

~ Cleanse and Moisturize Head to Toe with Hydroburst Moisture Intense Body Cleanse and Lotion.  Don’t forget that you age from the neck down, too!

~DO NOT START YOUR DAY without your 1 oz serving of Lifeoxylin (internal anti-aging elixir)! My friend mixes hers with a cup of frozen berries, 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder, 1/4 cup skim milk and ice in the blender. Added sweetness with a pack of Truvia. It’s a great breakfast and ensures you’re getting the protective nutrients equal to 6 servings of fruits and vegetables. I drink mine in one shot!

Monday – Wednesday – Friday (in Addition to Your Daily Regimen)

Tuesday – Thursday (in Addition to Your Daily Regimen)

Weekend “Treat”ments

  • Find 30 minutes of quiet time to repeat the Derma Firm Illuminator 10 minute Facelift.
  • Run an additional 2 minute W (Wrinkle) Cycle just on your lips. Watch the wrinkles disappear and your pout naturally plump up!

Woman small pool with fan by Jim Corwin's PhotoStreamSunday Rest Day and Family Day (I do not miss this treat for my feet!)

  • Mix Body Cleanse and Micro Scrub… massage into your feet vigorously.
  • Soak in warm foot bath and relax. Rinse and towel dry.
  • Apply generous application of MD 20Ex Acid Peel and allow to dry until tacky. Peel product off and remove final traces with a damp cloth. Towel dry.
  • Massage with Precision Skin Rejuvenating Lotion
  • Follow with Moisture Intense Body Lotion.
  • Put on slippers or socks, and spend the day relaxing with your loved ones!
  • You will have baby soft feet without spending a fortune on regular pedicures!

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You are so worth every single second of each day cleansing, exfoliating, nourishing and moisturizing your beautiful skin!  You owe it to yourself and everyone who sees you everyday, all day long, to put your best face forward and give them something gorgeous to look at!

Cheers to a Fabulous You!

©2011 Candy Dye

About Candace

Candace Dye is an Apriori Beauty Consultant and Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. Her passion is helping others to uncover and enhance their true inner radiance with tips for health, wellness, skin care and beauty!

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