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New Celloxylin Epic – Instant Wrinkle Reducer

Epic is about to smooth  your wrinkles off your face! Seriously. Instant Wrinkle Reducer for sure!

I’ve been testing it out for about a year, and cannot wait to be able to use more than just a little sample of it!

Available for Sale: November 30th, 2015

Where to buy: From me and my Online Store!


This is MY neck! I am sold on my results – my neck still looked great the next day! (I took the photos myself with my iPhone – no doctoring of photos – these are my actual results!)



Now look after about an hour of #Epic Serum – check out the almost disappeared )( and my eyelids are totally lifted!!


Look at my ))(( and droopy eyelids!

1 – 3 Glasses of Champagne for Healthy Brains

Wine gives me a headache, and I’m not one for sugary drinks – mixed drinks and sodas alike. But pour me a nice glass of champagne and all is well.


Champagne Please!


There are research findings now it seems that show 1 – 3 glasses of Champagne PER DAY has wonderful health and memory boosting benefits! Did you see – PER DAY!

“New research shows that drinking one to three glasses of champagne a week may counteract the memory loss associated with aging, and could help delay the onset of degenerative brain disorders, such as dementia.

Scientists at the University of Reading have shown that the phenolic compounds found in champagne can improve spatial memory, which is responsible for recording information about one’s environment, and storing the information for future navigation.”

This study was done by Professor Jeremy Spencer, Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences, University of Reading, UK, and his team. Read more HERE.

I’m all for keeping my brain and cognitive processes as healthy as possible, aren’t you?

Turns out the grapes used to make wine also produce compounds which help with cardiovascular health, as well.

Here’s a funny video from ScienceDaily.com on the new research:

“There Might Be a Health Benefit to Popping Champagne Bottles”

Cheers to our healthy brains as we age!

What Stains Your Teeth?

One of the benefits I’ve experienced with daily oil pulling has been whiter teeth. My teeth were set up to stain due to enamel damage from cemented-on braces / headgear / rebelling-from-the-pain-and-ugliness-by-not-brushing-for-days back a few decades ago (before there was such a thing a motrin). With eroded enamel, a love for coffee, blueberries, …make that ALL berries, and chocolate, my teeth were a yukky yellow. Then I began daily oil pulling and within a few months I noticed the stains lifted, and my teeth a nicer shade of white (not the bright white of laser bleached, mind you).

Yellow to White Teeth

Recently, WebMD posted a really nice pictorial of what the common causes of teeth stains are which you can flip through by clicking What Stains Your Teeth?

Some of the common culprits we all know are:

  • Teas (the lighter colored the better)
  • Sauces (red and curry are a no-no – but watch the calories if you switch to white creamy sauces)
  • Sports drinks (lots of acidic ingredients that wear on your enamel)
  • Wine (especially red)
  • Fruits and berries
  • Sodas, colas and other carbonated beverages (not only because they are dark colored, but they are also highly acidic and wear down your enamel – remember the experiment we did when we were young where we put a tarnished penny in a cup of cola over night? Boy was it bright and shiny in the morning!)
  • Candy dyes (which go on candies – like M&M’s)

How to protect your teeth from stains:

  • Use a straw placed near the back of your mouth
  • Try not to swish the above foods / beverages around too long in your mouth
  • Brush teeth right after consuming culprits
  • Oil Pulling (I think one of the things it does is coat the teeth and protect them
  • Teeth whiteners of all sorts – from dental office treatments to over the counter products

Ultrasound Speeds Wound Healing

A recent study using ultrasound therapy on wounds of diabetics and the elderly has shown some very promising results for decreasing time for healing. This will be such a great treatment, especially for those with diabetes, who have poor circulation, with wound infections which sometimes progress into very serious infections.

“Healing times for skin ulcers and bedsores can be reduced by a third with the use of low-intensity ultrasound, scientists from the University of Sheffield and University of Bristol have found.”   – Science Daily

How does Ultrasound Wave Therapy Work?

Ultrasound wave technology uses sound waves that are greater than the upper limit of human hearing. These waves generate approximately 5 million vibrations per second and generate heat that raises the skin temperature by 0.5 – 1.0°C, benefiting skin by

  1. opening pores to allow impurities to be removed,
  2. vibrations activate skin healing mechanisms and push nutrients deep into the skin,
  3. stimulating collagen and elastin production,
  4. increasing blood circulation and cleansing, and
  5. encouraging healthy skin cell turnover.

“…Ultrasound transmits a vibration through the skin and wakes up cells in wounds helping to stimulate and accelerate the healing process….Because it is just speeding up the normal processes, the treatment doesn’t carry the risk of side effects that are often associated with drug treatments.”

With the vibratory waves causing an increase in the temperature of the skin, more nutrients are delivered through better circulation, impurities are removed more effectively, and wound healing is enhanced.


DFI (Derma Firm Illuminator) and PSR Next (Precision Skin Rejuvenating Serum)

If you were to use a home ultrasound device, such as the Derma Firm Illuminator, you should not allow the head to touch an open wound directly, and only use the Precision Skin Rejuvenating Serum that was created for it, applying it on intact skin at the periphery of a wound.

Disclaimer: Always, always, always check with your doctor before using any device or serum on any wound, or damaged skin.

Online Shopping Tip

The other day, when I was in Costco for an eye exam, I had the most lovely experience! The waiting room was filled to overflowing, the wait long, but my optometrist had Andrea Bocelli playing which was very smart of her. Then I started to chat with a woman who was getting anxious with the long wait, as she needed to be home for her new dishwasher delivery. Which was the beginning of our conversation.


Chatting in the Waiting Room

What woman does not get excited for a new dishwasher? Turns out she has three sons, one majoring in electronic dance motion, one wanting to be a professional drummer, and one hoping to be admitted to Juliard. She has her plate full. We had such a lovely and very funny conversation, with Andrea in the background, that when she was called I was very sad to see her go!

After my appointment I headed over to order new prescription glasses, and as the Optical attendant was offering me all kinds of upsells – “buy a second pair and get 50% off?”, “how about some extra tinting on your new lenses?”, “would you like a pair of prescription sunglasses?” I reminded her to apply my vision insurance.

Wow! Did that make a big difference in the price, and I was thinking how nice the discount was, we started chatting about getting discounts on purchases. Then there was an “E.F. Hutton Moment” when I asked if she had ever used a promo code when ordering online.

No, she said she hadn’t, as several other attendants mosied over to hear the details.

Last year, I received a last minute Christmas Gift request of a Major League Soccer Team Jersey, with instructions of where to purchase it. A large outdoor mall, with little parking was not where I was hoping to be at this late date.

With my job, last minute is hard for me to do, especially the shopping mall the requested jersey was to be found. So I went to the jersey’s brand website, and found the exact one, priced at $90. Then there would be shipping. When I looked at the checkout page, there was a space that said “Enter Promo Code” with a big blank box. Oh, how I wanted something to put in there that would give me a much lower price.

That’s when I opened another tab and typed in the search bar “discount code”. Lo and behold, amazing things came up!





www.CouponCodes.com …. and many more!

WOW! Did I hit the jackpot!

Just type in the brand and product and things come up! I found one for the jersey giving me 30% Off!!!

What I like about RetailMeNot.com is that they tell you how many people have used the code successfully, when it was last used and expiration dates. I’ve even used one post expiration that worked.

Last week I purchased a dress online and found a code for $20 off and free shipping! I hope you enjoy my tip and are successful using some promo codes for all your shopping!



Living in a drought-stricken area means we’ve had a few years of dry and warmer-than-usual weather. Believe it or not, we do get fall colors here when our normal cold, rainy season is upon us. This year, the leaves have dried up and died before they could turn a pretty hue of yellow, orange, or red.

Sigh. Sweaters, jackets. I do so love fall. Watching leaves turn their vibrant hues, then fall to the ground, calling in the coldness of winter, blankets, hot mugs of yummy drinks, soup, and chili.  Mmmm.

So here are a few photos I’m meditating on which help me feel like we’ve had just a little bit of fall!


Handsome Autumn Deer


A Few Pumpkins Here and There and a Hayride, Of Course!


A Gorgeous “Throw Your Cares to the Wind” Winding Road!


The Setting for a Harvest Barn Dance!


Come sit a spell with me. Together we’ll listen to the falling leaves, feel the cool breeze, and reminisce about the good old days!

New Easy-to-Clean Hair Brush

Do you spend the time to remove the hair and clean your hairbrush every so often, or do you toss it in the trash and purchase a new one? With 6 heads of hair to manage, I remember my mother filling a basin with an ammonia solution and soaking combs and brushes in every week when I was little. The time consuming tasks of removing the hair from the bristles and core, soaking, rinsing and drying was a mother’s labor. Usually done Saturday nights, we ate hot dogs for dinner because there wasn’t time to cook a big meal with all the hair washing and hair brush cleaning going on.

Well now we’re talking sustainability when inventors of the new easy to clean hairbrush created their new product.

Credit: Image courtesy of Scott Shim, The Ohio State University Easy Cleaning Hairbrush [Read more…]

Waking Up Aging Skin Cells

As we age, our cells get sleepy, slowing down, becoming less efficient at performing their youthful productive processes. When it comes to skin cells, this means less collagen, elastin and more aging skin.


Aging and Youthful Skin

Much of the focus of treating aging cells has targeted oxidative stress. Overproduction and accumulation of free radicals causes inflammation throughout the body as we age. A new study has shown that the production of free radicals in our youth may be beneficial, but as we age, produces the symptoms of aging seen especially in our skin. [Read more…]

Skin Issues from Gluten Sensitivity

Having mild symptoms from gluten sensitivity for years, I’ve limited my intake of gluten and brought the fatigue, aches, pains and fuzzy thinking under control. Even the inflammation measurements (gliadin levels) came way down. Until recently, which was when I saw these yummy looking cookies that reminded me of pleasant times, and I started stocking up on them and eating them daily as a reward for dealing with stressful days.


French Palmiers are a lovely cookie that has two basic ingredients – puff pastry (wheat flour and butter) and sugar. Roll out the puff pastry, sprinkle generously with sugar, then roll them up from each side until the meet. Cut them crosswise, then lay flat on a cookie tray, adding more sugar to the top before baking. In the oven, the sugar caramelizes and when cooled, provides a sweet crunchy treat like no other. My mouth is watering now just sharing the recipe.

I digress. Where am I going with this?

Well, after a few weeks of daily consumption, I started noticing acne cysts forming in groups on my scalp. Mind you, it took a few weeks to figure out it was the gluten (okay, the cookies) that was causing it. I even changed shampoos, changed conditioners, went to a dandruff shampoo, stopped using my electric rollers, went to just a curling iron, then went without hair gel, stopped using hairspray, and nothing seemed to make it go away (all the while wishing my then-turned-ugly-and-dried-out-hair would go away), until I decided to cut out all gluten. There it was.

Within a day, there were no new cysts. The following day, I attended a reception at my favorite french bistro, and ate some tarte tartin, and a couple of lovely cheeses on slices of baguette. Next morning, they were back. Ugh!

Dermatitis Herpetiformis

Dermatitis Herpetiformis (not related to herpes) is an allergy of the IgA system. (Whereas common allergies like dust, cats, and foods, are a response of IgE), IgA is an antibody produced in the lining of the intestines. The usual allergy treatments are useless.

The rash is caused when gluten in the diet combines with IgA, and together they enter the blood stream and circulate. They eventually clog up the small blood vessels in the skin. This attracts white blood cells (neutrophils), and releases powerful chemicals called complements. They actually create the rash.” American Osteopathic College of Dermatology


Dermatitis Herpetiformis

The “rash” is clusters of raised, red lesions, very itchy and painful. They can develop blisters or pustules at the tips. Elbows, knees, scalp, buttocks and back may be affected.

The allergic response originates from the intestine as a result of the gastrointestinal system’s allergic response to wheat / gluten.

Diagnosis can be made definitively by biopsy. Treatment consists of very strict gluten-free diet and a medication that does have side effects.

To read more details about DH, feel free to visit this Emedicine.Medscape article:

Dermatitis Herpetiformis

For gluten free skin care products including gluten free shampoo and conditioner:

visit Apriori Beauty’s Online Store

Beet Juice Increases Muscle Power?

Just the thought of beets puts a sour look on most peoples’ faces. I’m one of the few who loves beets, red or gold, hot or cold. You either love ’em or hate ’em. Now there’s a reason to at least try them.


Scientists have evidence that Popeye was right: spinach makes you stronger. But it’s the high nitrate content in the leafy greens — not the iron — that creates the effect. Building on a growing body of work that suggests dietary nitrate improves muscle performance in many elite athletes, researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis found that drinking concentrated beet juice — also high in nitrates — increases muscle power in patients with heart failure.” (Cardiology fellow Nishtha Sodhi, M.D)….According to the study authors, including Andrew Coggan, Ph.D., and Linda Peterson, M.D., the magnitude of the improvement is comparable to that seen in heart failure patients who have done two to three months of resistance training.  (Credit: Robert Boston)
Spinach, beets, celery and leafy greens like arugula all contain Nitrates which when broken down in our body’s metabolic chemical pathways, produces Nitric Acid.
Nitric acid causes our blood vessels to dilate, and relax, which allows for greater flow of blood to our organs and muscles. Increasing the relaxation of blood vessels improves oxygen and nutrient delivery to muscles when there is increase demand, such as during exercise.

 “It’s a small study, but we see robust changes in muscle power about two hours after patients drink the beet juice,” said senior author Linda R. Peterson, MD, associate professor of medicine. “A lot of the activities of daily living are power-based — getting out of a chair, lifting groceries, climbing stairs. And they have a major impact on quality of life. We want to help make people more powerful because power is such an important predictor of how well people do, whether they have heart failure, cancer or other conditions. In general, physically more powerful people live longer.”

Quotes taken from the discussion at Science Daily dot com.

Read the full discussion at ScienceDaily or click on the Citation link below if you enjoy reading research!

I’m all for living healthier longer, and will continue taking my daily beet juice supplement contained in Lifeoxlyin.

Story Source:

The above post is reprinted from materials provided by Washington University School of Medicine. The original item was written by Julia Evangelou Strait. Note: Materials may be edited for content and length.

Journal Reference:

  1. Andrew R. Coggan, Joshua L. Leibowitz, Catherine Anderson Spearie, Ana Kadkhodayan, Deepak P. Thomas, Sujata Ramamurthy, Kiran Mahmood, Soo Park, Suzanne Waller, Marsha Farmer, Linda R. Peterson. Acute Dietary Nitrate Intake Improves Muscle Contractile Function in Patients With Heart FailureCLINICAL PERSPECTIVE. Circulation: Heart Failure, 2015; 8 (5): 914 DOI: 10.1161/CIRCHEARTFAILURE.115.002141

Food Allergen Sensor Coming!

I’m so excited to share with you a new little gadget, called the Nima Sensor, which will test a small portion of your food for gluten! This little portable gadget will be able to travel with you wherever you eat to test a portion of food for gluten before you eat it – kind of like the “King’s Cupbearer” from ancient days who ate a bit of the King’s food before he ate it in case it was poisoned.

To some, gluten is poison to their insides. Those with Celiac Disease, and other intestinal conditions who have difficulty with digesting wheat protein and gluten, should be able to manage their exposure much better and find greater freedom with this new sensor.

How does it work?


The Nima Sensor

You place a small sample of the food you are about to eat in a little pod. Then you load the pod into the sensor device, wait a couple of minutes to see the “smile” if the food sample is free from the allergen.

The Nima Sensor will be available for gluten sensing in 2016. They are working on sensors for milk and peanuts, and hopefully a few others like fish, shellfish, soy, eggs and wheat.

This little gadget will be life changing and freeing for so many who have serious food allergies.

Please click on Nima Sensor to learn more about it!


Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this company or product in any way, and make no income from, nor  endorse this product. This post is to inform you of something coming which could be very beneficial to the health of many.

A Little Bit of Tiffany

While looking for a keepsake piece of jewelry for my daughter recently, I discovered that Tiffany & Co. now offers lovely affordable pieces, allowing ones on a smaller budget to begin a collection.

I really love these basic bead earrings:

Tiffany Bead Earrings


How about the classic Return to Tiffany Heart Charm bracelet: [Read more…]

Ultrasonic Wave Therapy

More often I’m reading about ultrasonic wave therapy used in skin care treatments, mostly as an anti-aging treatment. Turns out there are some excellent benefits from regular treatments with ultrasonic waves. Just what is it?

Ultrasound wave technology uses sound waves that are greater than the upper limit of human hearing. These waves generate approximately 5 million vibrations per second and generate heat that raises the skin temperature by 0.5 – 1.0°C, benefiting skin by: [Read more…]

What to Give for a Goodbye Gift?

Two colleagues have recently made decisions to move their careers forward in different directions. What do you give someone as a going-away gift?

One is from England, so I’m thinking maybe this sweet tea cup and saucer, with a sampling of calming teas…


Lovely Tea Cup and Saucer – found on Etsy – click to purchase.

Or a lovely Sugar Scrub – maybe too personal? [Read more…]

Oil Pulling Results

It’s been one full year since I began oil pulling, and I’m very excited to share my results! First, this is what I have done for the past year, missing only one day:

First thing each morning, swished and “pulled” one full teaspoon of Organic Coconut Oil around and through my teeth for 10 – 20 minutes. (You can read more about the what and how of oil pulling in my post “Oil Pulling.”)

I must also tell you that after a few months, I had my teeth cleaned and my dental hygienist said my gums looked noticeably healthier, but I shouldn’t expect the recession to grow back.  She then had the oral surgeon stop by to examine my gums and provide a consultation. [Read more…]

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